11 Good Paying Part-Time Jobs for Teachers

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If you’re a teacher looking to earn some extra cash, we have a list of 11 good paying part-time jobs for teachers.

Teaching is hard. It is a demanding job that requires emotional, physical, and mental strength practically every day of the week. And the worst part is, sometimes the salary is just not enough. But there is nothing wrong with getting a little job on the side to add a little buffer to the family budget. We handpicked the 11 well-paying part-time jobs that perfectly suit teachers.

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How do we know they suit teachers? Well, for one the hours are pretty flexible. They can do it in their after-hours, on the weekends, or on breaks like these ones on our list of the best summer jobs for teachers. Second, most of these jobs are related to teaching because their teaching qualifications will give them better rate opportunities. That, and also because they most likely have the best resources to give them an advantage in the (part time) job market.

In coming up with this list, we have taken suggestions from Investopedia, She Knows, Business Insider, Bankrate, and Chron. We ranked the jobs from the lowest average hourly rates to the highest, with the help of Payscale providing the figures.

So which jobs made it to our list of 11 good paying part-time jobs for teachers? Read on to know more!

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