5 Best VR Headsets to Buy for iPhone in 2016

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The mobile VR Headset game is well ahead but everyone’s favorite mobile brand, Apple, has yet to come out with its own VR line, so we have listed the 5 best VR Headsets to buy for iPhone in 2016.

In the tight race for mobile VR headset supremacy, how could you possibly pick just five out of all the headsets that are out in the market today? The task was difficult but someone’s got to do the job. So we rolled out our sleeves, created categories that make a VR Headset ideal for iPhone users and points were awarded for each category. The Headset is then ranked according to their accumulated points.


What are these categories?

First on our list, of course, is the price. With iPhones already coming in with hefty price tags, it would be incredibly helpful for the headset to be budget-friendly. We’ll let you in on a secret – everything that’s on this list is under $100, which makes each of them perfect for our list of the 10 Cool Tech Gifts and Gadgets to Buy on Amazon under $100.

Second, we look at the hardware’s stability. After all, no one would want to spend ANY amount of money on something that gets damaged within weeks.

We have also factored in the comfort and convenience of using the Headset; it has to be handy, easy to use, and comfortable to use in any situation.

Of course, we cannot forget about the functionality – compatibility with external hardware (e.g. Bluetooth joystick), compatibility with various apps, and viewing capacities.

Lastly, we cannot forget about the Headsets’ versatility in terms of how many iPhones it can accommodate in terms of OS and size especially with the iPhone 6 Plus being on the bigger side.

To come up with this list, we have taken up suggestions from Wareable, Know Your Mobile, Redmond Pie, Shopomo and we got their most recent prices on Amazon.

So, which VR Headsets should be on your Amazon shopping list this week? Check the list out!

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