11 Most Expensive Bike Brands in the World

After researching most expensive bike brands in the world, one cannot help but sing: I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my biiike…” with Freddie’s voice echoing in his ear.

Bikes surely have changed since British band Queen was touring the world with this ear-worm. Luckily for us, as opposed to some other things in the world, this mode of transport has advanced immensely while simultaneously not having harmed nature in any way possible. As opposed to cars which also have progressed, but still make a huge carbon imprint on the environment.  There have always been talks about vehicles that run on some sort of gas or electricity, but so far the idea hasn’t really taken off to the fullest, has it? Just take a look at the streets. How many electric or environment-friendly vehicles do you see? On the other hand, means of transport that actually consume human strength instead of saving it continues to rise in its popularity. Bicycles are constantly being enhanced and still do no harm to the environment.

11 Most Expensive Bike Brands in the World


People are usually led to believe that bicycles haven’t changed much over the years because the changes today are much more subtle than they used to be. WhoInvented tells us the very first bike was invented in 1791 and it was called Velocipede (a French nobleman constructed it). Eventually, this wooden construction was replaced with metal parts, and the pedals were added, too. You can now only imagine what the first bike looked like. We have come a long way from these prototypes. Nowadays whole groups of scientists and engineers work together to find the best possible solutions for different terrains, highest speeds or invent lightest materials. Bike manufacture is one serious and lucrative business. The fact that there are around a billion bicycles in the world at the moment speaks volumes.

Great production implies great and fierce competition, too. The companies are stuck in the never-ending race of trying to manufacture the most expensive bicycle in the world, the fastest bike in the world or the lightest. If the speed is what you need, and you want to feel an adrenaline rush then check out some of the fastest bikes in the world. Maybe there are some overlaps wih our list of most expensive bike brands in the world. Speaking of speed, what comes to mind first is bicycle’s close relative motorcycle. What’s the deal with them? It’s enough to say that they are also quite expensive.

Everyone is striving hard to be the world no 1 bike company, and we have got the answer for you. We visited Global Brands MagazineTotal Women’s Cycling, BicyclingRed Bull and Gazette Review. The decision was made based on the most expensive bike the manufacturer has produced. However, it should be noted that our title is about bike brands. Therefore, if the company producing the bike isn’t generally recognized as a bike manufacturer, we crossed it off our list (sorry, Hermes and Tiffany). For instance, the most expensive mountain bike in the world is 24 Gold Extreme Mountain Bike whose price is merely half a million dollars (by the way, if you’re feeling curious, take a look at top 13 most expensive mountain bikes in the world). Nevertheless, House of Solid Gold, the company which made this precious means of transport, is specialized in crafting items and presents made of gold such as 24K Gold Vermeil Toothpick with gemstones, or 24K Gold Fishing Lure. You name it; they have it. Or they soon will. Not to mention you can’t even ride that bicycle due to the precious metal’s features. In cases when famous companies decided to expand on bikes for a season, we deemed it was OK to account for the bicycle company from the venture that actually produced the bike.

Therefore, let’s see which companies made our list of most expensive bike brands in the world. All the prices are given in American dollars. If some of our sources used another currency, we converted it via X-rates calculator.