11 Good Songs to Dance to for a Talent Show in 2017

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Even if you don’t have the best moves, the songs on this list of good songs to dance to for a talent show in 2017 will get you moving in an instant and take your performance to a whole new level.

When we trace back the dance history, there isn’t much proof like cave paintings or artifacts to answer the questions of “when did dance start?” and when it became part of our culture. Since there is no clear record, it is also unknown as to what was the first style of dance. Dancing in the ancient times, like today, was performed during celebrations like festivals, births, weddings, or on seasonal occasions like crop harvest. Periods of drought involved dancing in an attempt to appease the gods to grant the people rain. Each country and respective region has their distinct kinds of dance, and influences from other cultures are present due to the colonization of other nations. Not everyone has all the skills to perform multiple genres of dance though. Some push themselves to learn other types of dance to improve on this kind of art.

11 Good Songs To Dance To For a Talent Show in 2017

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Aside from the contribution of dance to culture and tradition, it also has positive contributions to society. It nurtures creative thinking and values like discipline, commitment, and work ethic especially to those who attend a dance training. Through dance, we also learn about music at the same time. Every action must coincide or would look awkward to the rhythm and beat of the song. Dance has many benefits including, health, social and academic benefits. Dance keeps us physically fit as well as provides a positive effect emotionally and mentally.

Since dance doesn’t work without music, there may be some good songs to sing for a talent show. A talent show is where various groups will compete to reach the finals and win. You can find this on our list of easiest hip hop dance moves and steps to learn for beginners which can be very useful in starting your dance journey. Other teams can fire up the dance floor with a sassy ballroom dance. However, our list of easiest ballroom dances to learn for weddings might not be sassy, but they’re practical.

We have gathered some of the best talent show songs from talent shows like World of Dance, and So You Think You Can Dance. Other sources are from the Got Talent franchise worldwide, Youtube, and Yahoo! Answers. Some dance songs date back to previous years but still catch the viewer’s attention, and some are from this year (2017). All the songs are in the best performances of the shows, and they are listed in a random order. Hip-hop performances play remix music, so those songs individually have their respective number, while other songs are used in contemporary dance performances. If you find some of the items on our list are good songs to sing for a talent show, you can try and practice it and perform it at your auditions.

Let’s get the moves goin’ with our list of 11 good songs to dance to for a talent show in 2017.

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