6 Easiest Ballroom Dances to Learn For Weddings

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What are easiest ballroom dances to learn for weddings? Insider Monkey peeks into several ballroom dance forms to find the easiest of the lot. The enigmatic flamboyance of the ballroom dance has already made it an integral part of the social events like a wedding. The fun and sensuality that are depicted by dance perfectly create the mood of a dreamy nuptial bonding. One of the interesting fact about ballroom dancing which is probably  unknown to many is that the top 10 best dancers of all time are leading ballroom dancers.

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The ranking of the  easiest ballroom dances to learn for weddings is based on the number of steps in each one. The number of steps is a key factor in determining how easy – or hard – a dance is to master. So, the fewer steps, the easier is the dance.

6. Rumba

The number of steps- 9

It is considered as one of the most romantic and sensual of the wedding ballroom dances of the Latin genre. Rumba is extensively performed in social events like wedding, birthday parties, anniversaries and so on. Comprised of slow yet seriously flirtatious nine moves, the dance form itself tells a story of love between a strong, male lover and a coy, teasing woman.

The steps & pattern

The dance pattern essentially includes hip movements and nothing else. The hip movements are somewhat exaggerated in this dance. The basic rhythm is “quick-quick-slow” with distinctive side-to-side hip movements. In addition with right hip movements, one would also need to give proper attention to the movement of the foot, ankle, knee, and leg.

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