11 Good Mixed Drinks to Order at a Bar

What are some good mixed drinks to order at a bar?

Many people think that mixed drinks are intended only for women, presuming their weakness and easily getting drunk. There is the stereotype that pure alcoholic drinks are only for the true men, who are capable of drinking all night and staying sober. Women should be satisfied with the fruity bar drinks, usually sweet so much that the taste of alcohol is like sprinkled on the top of the sweetness. It went so far, that men avoid ordering a drink which has a sweet juicy taste, afraid of losing their manly attributes. As we wrote in our list of 16 Good Fruity Alcoholic Drinks to Order at a Bar, fruity cocktail drinks are not aimed only at women, so men should not feel the shame of ordering them in a bar.

It is true that both men and women who love to drink alcohol should accept mixed drinks and exchange their usual bar drinks list with one of the top 11 mixed drinks we listed here. There are many reasons for doing that. Firstly, mixed drinks are tasteful yet cheap, thanks to the small amounts of highly expensive drinks they contain. Mixed together, they give a great taste for the favorable price. The other reason could be a fun weekend you can spend with friends at home, making the cocktails and the combinations of your favorite beverage drinks.

11 Good Mixed Drinks to Order at a Bar

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As we will never accept this list as the recommendations which are the best drinks to order at a bar for a woman, we will accept the possibility that these drinks are great for the women and beginners, taking in mind their sweet taste in some cases and low amount of alcohol. However, if you are a beginner, and want to have your favorite alcoholic drink not to be bored in a bar or club, you can also take a look at our list of 11 Sweet Alcoholic Drinks for Beginners and see what is interesting for you there. Sweet drinks could be attractive and tasty for the beginners but basically, everyone can drink them.

However, even though we usually assume that every bartender in the world knows how to mix our favorite drink with the right alcoholic pair or sweet juice, it is not always easy to get it in the bars. Many bartenders are considering draft beer as a basic drink for a bar, presuming that the highest level of their knowledge is correctly dosing the shot of the alcoholic drinks and cutting the lemon which will be placed on the edge of the glass. It is also hard to expect that the bartenders even in expensive and exclusive restaurants have time to mix the right combination during the happy hour or in a crowded club on Saturday night. So, our list should not include the most popular drinks, but more the drinks which are easy to make and can be ordered in practically every bar, according to the user’s experiences.

Thus, our searching for the short list of mixed drinks has started from websites Drinks.SeriusEats, DrinkNation  LoveToKnow. Maybe the most interesting approach had Supercall that gave only well-known drinks, which every bartender should know to make. So, whatever your reason for remembering the list of good mixed drinks to order at a bar is, be sure that those we listed here are as much popular as easy to make in every bar.