11 Sweet Alcoholic Drinks For Beginners

Turn down for what? Turn down for these sweet alcoholic drinks for beginners.

Alcohol is a fun time if you know how to drink and you find drinks that you enjoy. My first legal drink was an Old Fashioned, which is honestly a strange choice for a first drink considering it’s a lot of alcohol in one glass. To be fair, it kind of functioned as a teaching moment for me to learn what I liked to have and how to drink in moderation. If we’re being honest, though, my first drink ever was a Jack and Coke, which I now can’t tolerate. I prefer a nice, classic gin and tonic, and if I’m feeling a little fancy I’ll go with a vodka pineapple. Clear liquors are my friends because they keep me from feeling gross. I’m allergic to red wine and I’ve only recently decided that I can stomach certain beers, so that limits me regarding non-liquors.

11 Sweet Alcoholic Drinks For Beginners

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Most people prefer sweeter drinks when they’re first starting out with alcohol because it masks the strong alcoholic taste. The great thing about these is they taste great, but the bad part is they tend to cause a horrible hangover. If you’re not drinking water and you’re drinking a lot of sugar, you’ll get more dehydrated and then have a bad headache in the morning. That’s primarily why I like gin and tonic because it goes down well and doesn’t make me feel horrible in the morning. Alternatively, good drink options are ones with low alcohol content like beer or some wines. You can also take a look at some good fruity alcoholic drinks to order at a bar.

In order to create this list of sweet alcoholic drinks for beginners, we checked out Quora for some recommendations. It gave us a lot of cocktail and beer recommendations for first-timers. These are also really easy to make if they’re mixed drinks, so you don’t have to worry about scaring your bartender or having to become one yourself in order to enjoy these. They’re not in any particular order, but they’re all great options if you’re looking for good drink options that also taste pretty good.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at some sweet alcoholic drinks for beginners.