16 Good Fruity Alcoholic Drinks to Order at a Bar

Girls and women will probably be pleased to see the list of good fruity alcoholic drinks to order at a bar because it is them who we expect to consume these drinks. They usually do not drink much or cannot stand the taste of alcohol, so they choose light and sweet drinks which are easy on the stomach. Every list of fruity alcoholic drinks is basically a list of the best drinks to order at a bar by a woman. However, these drinks should also be considered as those which are convenient to order by someone who enters a bar for the first time and is new in the group of alcohol consumers since drinking too much alcohol causes drunkenness and a serious hangover the morning after.

We did not want to avoid and forget men, even though they are usually not on the list of light drinks consumers. The reason is that they, being considered tough and strong, find drinking fruity and sweet drinks with the low percentage of alcohol humiliating and opposite to their macho image. Do not make this mistake, guys! These drinks are refreshing and tasty and, with a good combination of the alcohol base and music, they could be a great choice at parties and in bars. Do not be deceived by a common belief that the level of testosterone determines the type of drinks you order at bars. Some people like the exotic taste of these drinks which makes them feel as if they were at a hot beach smelling coconuts and salty sea water, so there is no reason to deprive them of this great joy. We can assure you that there are plenty of drinks and cocktails made by mixing alcohol and fruit which could be very tasty even for those who do not like sweet alcoholic drinks.

16 Good Fruity Alcoholic Drinks to Order at a Bar

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Basically, fruity alcoholic drinks are cocktails made from alcohol and some fruit liquor or juice, so, while making this list, we consulted the forums and blogs named for people who want to be bartender amateurs or just show off in front of their friends. There are numerous cocktails made by mixing fruit (usually those which contain a lot of water) and a particular type of alcoholic drink, like whiskey, tequila, rum, gin or vodka. Even if you are not a professional bartender, you can easily mix your own fruity drink to suit your taste by using the type of fruit and alcoholic drink you like. If you do not like the sharp taste of alcohol, our list of 10 Best Alcoholic Drinks that Don’t Taste Like Alcohol can help you to find a perfect drink for you.

For this article we wanted to find fruity drinks that are popular and well-known at bars so, consequently, we explored the sites where people present the most popular girly drinks and cocktails at bars such as LoveToKnow, Complex, and StayGlam. We advise you to try some of these drinks next time you and your friends go to a crazy night out. Let’s check them out –  good fruity alcoholic drinks to order at a bar!