11 Free Dating Apps For Young Adults

For those with a hectic lifestyle and with no time to waste on searching for a date, dating apps are a treasure, so read our list of 11 free dating apps for young adults to find out more.

Pretty much like everything else, dating has evolved and is now completely different for us than it was for our parents or grandparents. The biggest problem today is where and how to meet like-minded people with busy schedules and bad social life. With technology, we have found a way to make dating more efficient and less time-consuming. That’s as far as romance goes today. But, to be fair, who has the time nowadays to deal with all that? With dating apps we can speed up the process of meeting people and dating so now you can decide whether you like or dislike someone and start a conversation with them in one second, with a click or a swipe.

 11 Free Dating Apps For Young Adults


Online dating and dating apps have saved a lot of time and made a lot of people happy, or at least less lonely. There is no wasting time and everything is simple, either you like someone or not. And the best part is that there is something for everyone no matter if you are looking for a date, relationship, marriage or simply a hookup. The apps will seek for eligible singles in the vicinity of your home who share the same interests as you and will present you with your possible matches that you can then message to start a conversation. You will often meet creepy people and all sorts of freaks, true, but as online dating is fast you won’t lose much time and you can quickly move on to the next candidate if your date turns out to be a disaster. The point is, no matter how flawed these apps may be, we are all inclined to use them as they are the fastest way to a date if you don’t want to spend another Saturday evening watching an entire TV season in one sitting.

Going out and exploring bars every weekend in a desperate hope that you will meet possibly one or two eligible singles that you would consider dating seems like going through a lot of trouble for little or nothing. With dating apps, you can scroll down through lists of numerous singles with similar interests to yours and quickly and mutually decide if you are going to go for it or not. All without spending any money. Well, almost all, and that’s why we explored the world of dating apps to select the best ones which are also free so you can start looking for your next  Saturday date and take a break from TV series. If you are interested in free apps for android then read our list of 10 Best Free Dating Apps for Android Phones to learn more.

The number of dating apps out there is big and it keeps growing as they have become extremely popular among people everywhere so it might be difficult to choose where to start. A great number of them also require you to log in through Facebook to ensure that you are who you claim to be. Many popular apps, which were free for use before, have now upgraded and started to charge for some additional features when using the app, but we also searched for alternatives that are completely free. We sought help from Dating Advice and we also searched through Reddit to find out what dating apps do young people like and we have compiled a list of 11 free dating apps for young adults.