11 Easy Songs to Sing for Guys

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For those who like to sing in the shower, why not try out some of the 11 easy songs to sing for guys and perform in public? Whether it is for karaoke, audition, or just showing off, it is good to have in mind some choices in advance.

Well, probably, first of all, no matter what your vocal range and singing quality are, you would like to sound good, right? Then you should obviously start with some easy songs to sing for bad singers
or easy songs to sing that sound impressive. For the first option, you might try some easy karaoke songs for beginners or preferably best karaoke songs if you can’t sing, and some of the recommendations for that can be found in 16 Best Karaoke Songs for Bad Singers. For the latter option try out some of the 16 easy songs that make you sound good.

Easy Songs to Sing for Guys


But we are here for the guys only. So, then maybe you can try out some of the 19 good mid range karaoke songs to sing in 2018 (which cover both male and female), or even some of the 13 best karaoke duets for male-female singers.

Our research encompassed both best karaoke songs for men, and we have also searched for the easy songs to sing that make you sound good (hence not necessarily karaoke). Our research has lead us to the sources such as Ask Men (obviously), Melodyful, Karaoke HQ, Cool Material and Ask Metafilter concerning the karaoke part of the specter. Then for the easy songs to sing for guys, in general, there were some suggestions on Quora, and in the end, there was a choice of easy songs to sing for guys with low voices on the Take Lessons. Anyways, there’s plenty of choice on this matter. So, our criteria in making the list was picking those with the most suggestions, but we have also paid attention to genres and vocal ranges. All in all, we have tried to make a good mixture for everyone’s musical taste.

So whatever you are preparing your voice for, you might take into account some of our recommendations. Let’s check them out!

11. Bring Da Ruckus by Wu-Tang Clan

Ok, let’s start off the easy songs to sing for guys with a bit of hip-hop for the warm-up.

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