19 Good Mid Range Karaoke Songs to Sing in 2018

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Are you looking for some good mid range karaoke songs to sing in 2018? You came to the right place.

What is a mid-range voice anyway? Everyone has their vocal limits, i.e., a vocal range, and vocal ranges are typically being put in several types. Female vocal range types are the soprano, mezzo-soprano, and alto, while male vocal range types are countertenor, tenor, baritone, and bass.

That is for the voices in general, but everyone has their own ranges. These individual ranges are often referred to as chest voice (the lowest), middle voice, and head voice. While “|the middle” in this definition represents the transition between chest and head voice, this is the most uneasy range for singers. For professional singers, this middle register actually represents the most challenging range (but probably the great majority of those looking for good mid-range karaoke songs to sing here are not among these).

Good Mid Range Karaoke Songs to Sing in 2018


So, no matter how skillful or not in music anyone is, everyone is different and hence has different vocal range, as we have said earlier, but that also means that “mid-range” is unique as well. But we are not here to stick with some strict musicological definitions, right? That’s why we will stick to mid-range being something that does not encompass the highest and the lowest voices, but something that is comfortable to most of the people (with no proper musical education).

Now the question arises, how to find your own middle range voice? Well, it might be not as easy to realize this on your own if you were not musically trained. But, try this out: sing for the lowest tones you can, up to the highest ones. When you start feeling the vibrations in your mouth and throat, that would be somewhat of your middle range (while for the lowest you would use your chest as a support, and for the highest you would hear your voice “pushing” in your head and feeling like it is forming above your palate and in the upper skull).

If you don’t need to stick to the mid-range vocal abilities, you could check out something more general. For beginners or best karaoke duets, we might suggest you to check out the 16 Easiest Karaoke Duets to Sing for Beginners or 16 Best Karaoke Songs for Bad SIngers. And if looking for the top karaoke songs list, you will find those in 17 Most Requested Karaoke Songs of all Time.

We didn’t find any straightforward choices for good mid-range karaoke songs of course, but we have gone through some suggestions after which we have made a choice of good mid-range songs by going through the suggestions and finding those that fit into the mid range. So we have started off with FanPop, Trend Chaser, Quora, MetaFilter. Our research has also taken into account the recommendations for the top female karaoke songs from So Feminine, and the best karaoke songs for men at Yelp. We haven’t forgotten the duets either, that we have found on Karafun.

After going through all of these we have ended up with a huge pile of good karaoke songs. Since everyone has a different taste in music, we have tried to cover many genres. And even though this is a brand new list of good mid range karaoke songs to sing in 2018, we couldn’t resist not including some of the legendary old hits and songs that are still recognizable and famous to this date.

Let’s see now our suggestions for the good mid range karaoke songs to sing in 2018:

19. Piece of My Heart by Janis Joplin

Maybe we are starting off with something more demanding concerning vocal abilities here. But, even though nobody can beat singing style of Janis Joplin, this song actually does not require a huge vocal range, so it might be a good choice for mid range karaoke songs to sing.

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