11 Countries with the Highest Rates of Serial Killers in the World

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We take into account the most violent people with this list of 11 countries with the highest rates of serial killers in the world. Serial killers are a very rare but dangerous occurrence in society. It’s hard to imagine a person letting go of guilt and inhibition to the point that they actually enjoy taking other people’s lives. These types of people have made headlines due to the nature of their actions. It’s very scary to hear a person taking multiple lives. There are many reasons why serial killers become what they are. Interestingly, one of the factors may be the culture of the country they reside in. As this list will soon show you, there are just some countries that have had more killers.


There is often a common story among the breaking point of these types of people. They somehow slowly justify these feelings inside of them.They imagine how enjoyable it would be to kill someone, until, one day, they get bored of imagining and go ahead and kill someone themselves. They say that killing a person changes you, and for some it changes them into very dangerous people. Being aware of the places that you may encounter them may save your life one day. If you’re looking to increase your awareness even more, we have a list of The 9 Most Dangerous Countries for Tourists to Visit.

Let’s go ahead and check the first country on this list:

11. Spain

Convicted Serial Killers – 11

Spain has experienced very dark events in their history. One serial killer of note not only murdered his victims but also raped them as well. Every serial killer has his method and you can never tell how they will act. A lot of the convicted serial killers in the world have had bad childhood experiences.


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