11 Countries with the Highest Plastic Surgery Rates in the World

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Going under the knife is becoming more common these days, but it seems likely that the countries with the highest plastic surgery rates in the world have adopted the trend a little faster than the others. When you look at sheer numbers, U.S is leading with the number of plastic surgeries that takes place in the country. However, when considering the percentage of the population opting for the procedure the picture seems a little different.

Previously, there existed a lot of taboos attached to the idea of plastic surgeries and it was only considered to be a means for the celebrity clan and people in the showbiz. But, with the continuous advancement of medical technologies and as the processes are becoming safer with each passing day, more and more people are getting inclined and open to the idea. Plus, the advents of non-surgical procedures, like BOTOX and Chemical Peel, have also proved to a ground-breaking propeller. Of course the media has also played a significant part in the raising the standards of beauty and body image. We are constantly set up against unrealistic standards and sometimes it is all instrumental in people’s decisions to take the plunge.surgery-676375_1280

The debate about the merits and demerits of cosmetic surgeries is unceasing, but that doesn’t lead us to deny the fact that the medical process has been a great boon to mankind and is a powerful division of medicine and surgery. It is not always about beauty contrary to popular belief as it can be directed towards healing and recovery as well. And, the countries with the highest plastic rates in the world are fast becoming attractive destinations for medical tourism. So, if you are looking for a suitable place to take care of your nip/tuck needs you know where to head to? You can also check out our other list of the Top 10 Richest Cities in the World to know the most luxurious cities that you can include in your travel wish list.

So here are the countries that don’t mind a little knife action to achieve perfection. For the purpose of this list we have considered the per capita rate of total plastic surgeries among the population, and the results are an eclectic mix of countries. Here’s the list!

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