11 Countries with the Highest Beef Consumption Per Person

While ago I was talking with a friend and since we are both meat lovers, we ended up discussing the countries with the highest beef consumption per person.

Beef is a favorite type of meat to many out there. Being a complete meat fanatic, I find it hard to imagine a world without the consumption of meat, of course with beef being on the top of that list, although poultry and pork might be given extra points here and there. As for the rest of the world – there is a widespread consumption of beef that cannot be understated, even though there are 1.15 billion Hindus who don’t consume it at all. Usually, meat consuming lifestyles are dependent on either cultures or religions. That’s why Hindus do not eat beef while Muslims abstain from pork. These then determine the availability of the meat as well. In Muslim countries like Pakistan and Saudia Arabia, it’s impossible to find pork. In certain cities of India, it is extremely difficult to find any cow meat because, in adherence to their religion, the cow is considered to be a God. However, it is interesting that in South America beef is the favorite type of meat, as you will see later on our list.

11 Countries with the Highest Beef Consumption Per Person

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When it comes to the meat consumption per capita in 2014 in the world and meat consumption by country in 2015, the results are similar. If you want to learn more about meat consumption in previous years, head on over to the article about countries that eat the most meat. On the other hand, if you want to know what country eats the most pork per person, check out our piece on countries that eat the most pork per person in the world. As for the world pork consumption, New Zealand leads that race. However, with the increase in health awareness and change in people’s lifestyles, people have progressed towards different diets, avoiding red meat and preferring chicken or other vegetarian and vegan alternatives. The country that eats the least meat is Bangladesh where only 4 kilograms of meat is consumed in a whole year per person on average.

When it comes to our list, we have referred to Beef2live, which is an online source ready to give you all sorts of information about beef and beef consumption. Further, we also visited the ever-reliable Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development that offers a variety of world meat consumption statistics, such as the annual meat consumption per person, for example. We filtered their reports only to consider statistics relevant to beef consumption per capita. To determine our final ranking, we have taken into consideration rankings based on ‘per capita’ consumption from both sources, calculated their average and lined up countries according to the results. So, without further ado, let’s see the list of countries with the highest beef consumption per person.