11 Countries with the Best Gun Laws in the World

Gun owners are definitely happy in these 11 countries with the best gun laws in the world. Due to the double-edged nature of guns, it is not easy to own one. Guns can resort to violence, crime, and many other negative things. Because of the negative connotation that is being put on guns these days, we rarely see the brighter side of it. One somewhat brighter side is that we can use them as self-defence. The military also uses them as weapons to protect our country. There are also things like shooting as a hobby, or guns used for hunting. There are truly many ways that guns are used.

 Learning how to shoot is not easy as it may seem, and it is especially difficult task to get a permit to own a firearm for most people. Some countries are less restrictive compared to others. You can say that the number of gun owners can also significantly affect the power of a country. This is something you’ll notice with our list of The 10 Most Powerful Countries in the World: Military. No matter what aspect you look at, guns will always have an impact. You may want to consider moving to other countries just by the mere fact that their gun laws are better.

What countries do you think are included in this list? Some may be predictable, others may surprise you. One thing is for sure, when it comes to gun laws, these countries are the best. Let’s head to the first in this list:

11. Sweden

Like many other countries, Sweden requires one to have a license before getting a gun or any weapon for that matter. Sweden laws state that for any form of weapon, you must have a license. It doesn’t matter if it’s pepper spray or a rocket launcher. As long as you have a license you’ll be able to acquire a firearm. Which comes the best part, you can basically own any type of gun as long as you have a license.

Piotr Wawrzyniuk/Shutterstock.com

Piotr Wawrzyniuk/Shutterstock.com