11 Countries with Longest Work Hours

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Today we bring you the list of 11 Countries with Longest Work Hours. A successful economy can’t sustain itself without hard working people who give their best to achieve the results. Companies worldwide always appreciate results and hard work. The main goal is to improve productivity and sustain energy working on a project. In our list of 10 hardest working countries we demonstrate the hardest working societies who prosper on an everyday basis.


Today we continue to explore the hardest working and most successful countries. Here are the 11 countries with longest work hours, ranked by average hours worked annually.

11. Japan

Long-hour shifts are common practice in Japan; from ancient times the principle of Kaizen advocates “work and improve every day”. This country has the least unemployed individuals. Japan’s high lifespan and quality of life are achieved by hard work; Japanese people work around 1,765 hours a year. This number decreased in last few years, as the new generations tend to work less.

South Korea

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