11 Countries That Consume the Most Pasta

Pasta is a delicacy to some but quite the ordinary everyday meal for people living in the 11 countries that consume the most pasta. Pasta is defined as a type of noodle staple food for various cultures, mainly in Italy. It is usually made of a special type of flour mixed with water and as far as variation are concerned, there are way more than you’d ever want to know. Basically, pasta can be of two types – fresh and dried. From then on, the types branch into hundreds that then get even more complex, as each is known under different names depending on who you ask.

One thing’s for sure, though – pasta is a very basic dish that can be prepared in numerous combinations. What is more, it goes well with basically everything due to its very neutral nature as far as taste and texture go. It can also be prepared for any meal during the day, from breakfast to dinner, including snacks. Pasta, aside from utterly delicious, can also be very nutritious, depending on the type of wheat it was made from. It can contain certain minerals and vitamins such as vitamin B, potassium, zinc, iron, and calcium. Furthermore, pasta is very easy to produce from the zero which has received attention from several organizations which plan to try and combat hunger stricken zones of the world with it.

If you like to have your pasta with a beautiful view and glass of fine wine, we have the list of the 11 countries that consume the most alcohol in the world. However, people who think pasta and wine should go together as we set off on the starch-filled journey through the list of the 11 countries that consume the most pasta worldwide.

11. Germany

Estimated consumption per capita: 8.0kg

Pasta is mainly a European “thing”. Germany has its Spätzle which is a twist on traditional pasta that is usually made with a sort of egg dumplings but is often made with wheat pasta. The name translates literally to “little sparrows”.


10. Peru

Estimated consumption per capita: 8.2kg

Noodles in the form of pasta have spread wide and far, reaching the evergreen Peru. The Tallarines Verdes is a Peruvian pasta dish that has a wide recognition. It is usually made with a green pesto-like sauce.


9. Chile

Estimated consumption per capita: 8.4kg

Coming at the 9th place is a country not far from its forerunner – Peru. Chilean people use a variety of pasta, making them into various types of meals ranging from salad to a full-blown heavy meal.


8. Iran

Estimated consumption per capita: 8.5kg

When you think of it, our eighth contender should have the least to do with pasta but there is it, black on white – Iranians consume around eight and a half kilos of pasta per person throughout any given year.


7. United States

Estimated consumption per capita: 8.8kg

You can find all sorts of foreign foods on the table of any household in the USA. However, pasta is one of the types of food you’d see more and more the more you look.


6. Sweden

Estimated consumption per capita: 9.0kg

Apparently Swedish people are also avid pasta eaters, making the 6th place on our list of the 11 countries that consume the most pasta. Apparently, in Sweden they like their pasta served with meatballs best.


5. Switzerland

Estimated consumption per capita: 9.2kg

Switzerland, which you should never mistake for Sweden, makes the fifth spot on this list with just above nine kilograms per person every year. A more common pasta dish there is the Aelplermagronen, which resembles mac and cheese.


4. Greece

Estimated consumption per capita: 11.5kg

You can’t have mediterranean cuisine without pasta and you can’t mention the mediterranean region without keeping Greece in mind. The Greek enjoy pasta in a big variety of ways which include salads, main courses and desserts alike.


3. Tunisie

Estimated consumption per capita: 11.9kg

Despite being one the other side of what we mainly consider the Mediterranean region, Tunisie makes no exception. There they even have a pasta-based national dish. It’s a type of couscous, called Kosksi.


2. Venezuela

Estimated consumption per capita: 13.2kg

Venezuela has a very versatile cuisine in which pasta, rice and bread are staple ingredients. This is being underlined by the fact that it makes the second spot on our list with above thirteen kilograms per person.


1. Italy

Estimated consumption per capita: 25.3kg

You probably came here to see this so there it is – the Italians are the number one most hardcore pasta eaters in the world. And they should be – after all, out of the 11 countries that consume the most pasta in the world, their one is the home and place of origin for this food.