11 Countries That Consume the Most Beer Per Capita

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The 11 countries that consume the most beer per capita are probably every beer lover’s paradise. Beer is undoubtedly one of the most popular drinks of the masses. Apparently, it is also the third most consumed drink in the world besides water and tea. And the popularity of beer isn’t really new-found. It is said to be the oldest fermented drink.

This beverage has become an integral part of some cultures and the very base of their social interaction. So, what makes beer such a hero in social gatherings? Well, for one the alcohol content is reduced as compared to other drinks. Generally, beer consists of 4-6% of alcohol content. It essentially means that the party can go on without considerably inebriated antics.  Secondly, and more scientifically, beer has been revealed to induce dopamine activity in the brain which is likely to cause increased consumption. In short, even when the alcohol content is less to cause intoxication, it can be fairly addictive in nature.

Beer brewing methods also vary from country to country, and they usually have their preferable varieties to it also. However, the basic technique of fermentation is almost similar across nations. The varieties can range from Pale Ale, Stout, Mild, and Wheat to Lager which essentially originated in Central Europe. Out of this Pale Lager is generally known to be the most common in the world. Even the color, which is determined by malt; and strengths, may vary by preference. Some breweries have even developed food to pair with their beers.


We understand that beer might not always be your chosen poison after all, but if you are still an alcohol lover here are 11 Countries That Consume the Most Alcohol – a list worth looking into for you.

So here are the top countries that have proven their love for the beer.

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