11 Cities With The Highest Demand for Lawyers

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Lawyers are known for their ability to manipulate and enable the outcome that they desire, something that cities with the highest demand for lawyers are intimately familiar with.

A lawyer is a person who studies the law of his country and applies it to specific cases and circumstances, so that the judge or jury can determine the reasonable outcome. Other terms used for lawyers can include attorneys or counselors. However, it is important to consider that since the law and the legal jurisdiction differs widely in different states and countries, the duties and responsibilities of lawyers differ significantly as well.

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Lawyers have been associated with negative connotations, with the belief that they will easily compromise on ethics to win their cases and cannot be trusted. However, the truth is that the law requires lawyers to adhere strictly to ethics, the violation of which can result in the professional being barred from practicing law either temporarily or permanently.

Not only do lawyers have to amass tonnes of information regarding legal precedent and the law itself, but they also have to be able to apply it in unique situations in a manner that will benefit their client. This is why becoming a lawyer is a lucrative opportunity, provided you make it through, which is significantly hard due to a large number of people joining this profession as compared to the other jobs available. There are currently well over a million lawyers in the United States alone.

However, as mentioned earlier, those who make it, have a lucrative life ahead of them. The salaries paid to lawyers are much better than in most other professions, including accountants, which can be seen in the 11 cities with the highest demand for accountants.

Due to the treatment for lawyers differing throughout the nation, we sought to determine cities with the highest demand for lawyers. In doing this, we considered the cities with the highest average salaries for lawyers as greater demand results in higher salaries. We also determined the cities that have the most jobs for lawyers as greater demand results in more jobs. To determine these criteria, we used the US Burea of Labor Statistics.

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