11 Best Waterproof Android Smartphones

Today we are looking at best waterproof Android Smartphones that will literally save you on a rainy day! We live in a world where we can hardly imagine a life without technology and smartphones, and face a constant need of staying connected round the clock. However, technology and water, the other necessity of life, seem to be always at loggerheads. And, that is the great dilemma for water babies.

Worry no more, because the solution simply lies in choosing a smartphone that can gel with water and survive a splash. And, guess what, it does not necessarily have to be the age-old ruggedly made cell phones heavily guarded with rubber or plastic. The best waterproof Android smartphones make sure that you are not missing out on any of the latest hi-end features while getting enough protection from water as well. So, this totally means that you can now post hassle-free Instagram photos right from your next pool outing. And, if you are the clumsy one, spilling coffee on your phone, will be one less thing you’ll need to worry about.

So what does ‘waterproof’ signify and how do we know how good a smartphone is at resisting water anyway? Well, it has to do something with the Ingress Protection Marking or the IP Code of your phone. It simply is a rating for the degree of protection measures incorporated in the phone against dust and water.  Quite evidently along with the smartphones included in our current list the 6 Best Rugged Smartphones of 2015 also score pretty high on it.



However, ‘waterproof’ is a vague term here and smartphones as we know them might have only reached the ability to be water-resistant. So dunking your phone intentionally into water might not be such a good idea. But, for the occasional sprinkles and splashes, you should be all set. So check out the list if you are planning your next buy to be a little sturdier against the water.