12 Best Selling DVDs of All Time

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What are the best selling DVDs of all time? Even as we progress into 2015 and with alternative home entertainment platforms springing up by the day, DVDs still remain one of the preferred platforms for many, as far as home viewing is concerned. The growth in digital rentals, Electronic Sell Through (ESTs), and subscription streaming sites like Netflix have been massive and DVD sales have taken the obvious blow, but if marketing trends are to suggest, DVD and Blu-ray is far from seeing their last days. At least, not yet!

The reasons being many – from being the collector’s favorite to Blu-ray still being the most high quality format around, DVDs have proved that they are here to stay. In recent years a lot of movie titles have performed extremely well on the DVD platform and last year has seen record-breaking sales from Frozen which is well on its way to become the biggest selling DVD of this decade. In the first week of its release itself, the film experienced jaw-dropping sales of 899,000 copies.

Best Selling DVDs of All Time

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Our list of the best selling DVDs of all time has been derived by combining sales figures from a variety of sites covering variety of time periods. Unfortunately there is no single resource that presents numbers for all time DVD sales. Our job isn’t very difficult though DVD sales have been declining in recent years and some of the most successful movies in recent years had mediocre DVD and Blu ray sales. For example, Frozen was one of these successful movies but it managed to sell about 11 million copies in 2014. That’s nothing compared to the 21.6 million figure Shrek 2 sold in its debut year. Finding Nemo sold 28 million copies in 2003 and 2004 combined. That’s why our list of the best selling DVDs of all time features a large number of movies from the last decade.

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If you have been pondering on your next DVD acquisition, we reckon the titles on this list include some of the world’s favorites and definitely worth owning. Have a look!

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