10 Best Documentaries on Netflix Instant

Looking for the 10 best documentaries on Netflix Instant for your next binge-watching spree? Summer’s here and the best way to beat the heat and still have a good time is a good movie marathon and Netflix is bringing a whole range of exciting and interesting films straight to your living room. But, if you’ve exhausted all your fiction stash and must-watch lists already and are looking for some real action, documentaries are the way to go! Netflix instant boasts of an eclectic collection of interesting and hard hitting documentary films, both informational and unusual. From new releases to classic hits, some of these documentaries playing right now on Netflix should definitely be on your must-watch list.
It is, however, true those documentaries aren’t really mainstream cinema and we hardly get to hear about them through our grapevines. Some of these movies have not only won critical appreciation but also Oscar nominations and yet the casual watcher decides to give them a miss. Even the best escape to come to our attention sometimes for the lack of promotion. Sometimes, though, even the number of films available on Netflix can be overwhelming and hence, our list of best documentaries on Netflix will help you choose. If you’re delving into the genre for the first time it is definitely recommended to start out with the best, and if you’re already a documentaries enthusiast, these are the ones you definitely cannot afford to miss. And if you are craving for more after you’ve completed the list, do also check out our 5 Best Documentaries on Netflix You Must See list.

So here are the 10 best documentaries on Netflix Instant right now: