11 Best Places in USA to Visit for Singles

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Whether you’re traveling to meet new people or just to enjoy some quality me-time in a brand new place, these are the best places in USA to visit for singles.

But why travel solo? For one, traveling alone is an entirely different experience not just than traveling with friends or family, but traveling for business as well. There is a lot to learn from being alone in a new environment not just from the destination but from yourself: how you act around new people, how well you take care of yourself in a strange new place, and maybe even discover a new interest, free from the opinions of others. Also, traveling alone means not having to argue with anyone about which restaurant to try first, or how long or quickly you stay at one gallery.

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The trick to a great solo trip experience is planning ahead and picking the right place. But what makes a destination more single-friendly? There are quite a few things. For instance, there should be a balance of variety in available activities in the certain place and cost efficiency because, let’s admit it, traveling solo can be fun, but it can be pretty expensive with no one to share the costs with. Safety is also an especially important factor for solo travelers. There is nothing glamorous or adventurous about getting mugged in a strange place. And of course, local attitudes do count. Some cities are friendlier and more open to solo travelers than others.

For this list, we have used destination recommendations from Bustle, Travel and Leisure, and many other traveling websites. The cities on the list of the best places to visit in USA for singles are ranked based on the following criteria: safety, ease of going around, things to see and do, overall single-friendliness, as well as the cost of going around.

Check out which places made it to the top 11 and which ones should go on your must-visit list. Don’t forget to check out our list for The Best Places in USA to Visit for Families!

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