11 Best Places to Visit in USA for Families

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While some places are best experienced alone, some destinations – like the ones mentioned on this list of the best places to visit in the USA for families – can only be enjoyed in the company of loved ones. These are the places that have everything to make for a happy, fun, and memorable vacation.

But what does it take to consider one place an ideal family vacation destination? For one, a place has to have an abundance of family-friendly attractions. After all, having too many choices is much better than not having enough. When you have numerous options, you are more likely to find one to satisfy everyone especially if your kids belong to different age groups. Other factors include cost-friendliness, convenience and ease of going around, transportation, walkability, and peace and order.

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So for this list, we have used the criteria mentioned above to rank the places we have listed here. We have taken recommendations from Parents, Trip Advisor, as well as from the readers of US News-Travel to give you the most useful guide to the 11 best places to visit in USA for families.

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