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11 Best Alien Documentaries on Netflix Instant in 2015

Welcome to the 11 best alien documentaries on Netflix instant in 2015 — cue the X-Files intro music.
Considering the vastness of the universe, it’s hard to imagine that we’re all alone in it, despite all the evidence (or lack of it, to be precise) to the contrary. Perhaps that’s why people from all over the world claim to have seen aliens or their ships. For them, the evidence is real and people who refuse to believe in them are either blind or a part of the government’s conspiracy to hide the truth.

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Perhaps instead of wasting your time with aliens, you should educate yourself and watch some art documentaries on Netflix instead. Then again, perhaps these UFO documentaries do tell the truth. Perhaps the UFOs are really alien visitors from another planet. Perhaps they have valid reasons for not revealing their existence to the human race. Some of these alien documentaries try to explain those reasons. Others depict experiences people who claimed extraterrestrial contacts had. Whether you believe them or not is up to you, but the odds are in their favor.

To rank best alien documentaries on Netflix instant in 2015, we had to devise a system. Going simply by IMDb rating just wouldn’t cut it, although we did include it in our final ranking. We also went over a dozen lists on most popular sites in order to get an accurate feel on public opinion. We mixed it all together and came up with a genuine Insider Monkey ranking. Let’s see who made it to our list of 11 best alien documentaries on Netflix instant in 2015.

11. The Truth Behind: UFO’s Over Phoenix

Site rank 2, IMDb rank 2; Overall Score = 4
Directed by Richard Ross
On the night of March 13, 1997, strange lights in a V shape appeared in the skies above Phoenix, Arizona. Richard Ross tried to offer some explanation as to what they were.

10. Aliens on the Moon: The Truth Exposed

Site rank 4, IMDb rank 1; Overall Score = 5
Directed by Robert C. Kiviat
Is there an alien-built nuclear power plant on the Moon? Or a satellite dish antenna? Maybe an entire alien base? Judging from the photos NASA recently released, it looks like there might be these and plenty of other things up there. Whether you believe in it or not, our Moon would be an ideal location for any aliens to set up an observation post and keep an eye on us.

9. BestEvidence: Top 10 UFO Sightings

Site rank 3, IMDb rank 4; Overall Score = 7
Directed by Paul Kimball
Paul Kimball’s film is determined to discover the truth behind UFO sightings that capture the imagination of people all over the planet. He and his team have gathered the ten most popular UFO incidents from over 70 suggested, including the Skylab III case, the Lockheed case, the Rendlesham Forest case, and the Shag Harbour incident, and asked top UFO experts and researchers to take a look at them and hand down the final verdict. Are these genuine alien sightings, secret experiments gone wrong or just figments of overactive imagination?

8. UFO: The Secret NASA Transmissions

Site rank 1, IMDb rank 7; Overall Score = 8
Testimonies from ordinary people about their UFO and alien experiences can be and often are easily dismissed. But what happens when NASA astronauts begin seeing them as well and their sightings are confirmed by the space shuttle cameras?

7. UFOs the Secret History

Site rank 6, IMDb rank 5; Overall Score = 11
Directed by David Cherniack
The film follows the UFOs throughout human history, from ancient times to the modern sightings. It also includes alien abductions and interviews with people who claim to be the victims of them.



6. UFO Files: Real UFOs

Site rank 8, IMDb rank 6; Overall Score = 14
How did Hitler’s Luftwaffe manage to obtain blueprints for an aircraft that looks just like a flying saucer? Were Nazi scientists that good or did they had some extraterrestrial help? German researchers did have plenty of outlandish proposal for new aircraft, collectively known as Luftwaffe 1946.


5. The Hidden Hand: Alien Contact and the Government Cover-Up

Site rank 11, IMDb rank 3; Overall Score = 14
Directed by James Carman
This 2013 documentary looks like it came straight from the X-Files. The only things missing are Mulder and Scully. Everything else is in it: aliens on Earth, under the protection of our governments, abduction, human-alien hybrids, and more. But the people interviewed for the film make it real enough, including a former Defense Secretary of Canada, a retired colonel, and NASA’s own Dr. Edgar Mitchell, the 6th astronaut to walk on the Moon.

4. Fastwalkers

Site rank 7, IMDb rank 8; Overall Score = 15
Directed by Anthony T. Miles
A fastwalker is NORAD’s code for high-speed UFO entering or leaving Earth’s atmosphere. The film digs deep into governments’ actions that Anthony T. Miles believes are just a cover for a vast conspiracy, aimed at hiding the truth of the alien presence on our planet.

3. The Day Before Disclosure

Site rank 5, IMDb rank 11; Overall Score =16
What if all government’s secrets about the UFOs and aliens were to be revealed tomorrow? The Day Before Disclosure, through interviews with UFO researchers, alien abductees, and various experts, tries to show us how the world would change if all the secrets were out in the open.

2. The Roswell Incident

Site rank 9, IMDb rank 9; Overall Score = 18
Directed by Tim Shawcross
No list of best alien documentaries would be complete without a mention of Roswell, the most famous UFO incident of all. Find out “what really happened” in the desert of New Mexico in the summer of 1947.

Pascal RATEAU/

Pascal RATEAU/

1. I Know What I Saw

Site rank 10, IMDb rank 10; Overall Score = 20
Directed by James Fox, Tim Coleman, and Boris Zubov
A collection of testimonies by credible witnesses is what made I know What I Saw number one on our 11 best alien documentaries on Netflix instant in 2015 list. Filmed in the National Press Club in Washington D.C., the film managed to get attention like no other alien documentary before it.