11 Easiest and Best Paying Jobs of 2015

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It’s hard to find a high-paying job that you enjoy so we’ve decided to look for the 11 easiest and best paying jobs of 2015. It may seem unthinkable that you’ll find the words “easy and high-paying” in the same sentence, but there are various industries that actually provide those kinds of jobs.

Our previous article on the 11 Easiest and Best Paying Jobs in the World was just a sneak peek of these career possibilities. To reinforce these opportunities, we’re giving you an updated version of these easy-peasy, high-earning jobs specifically for this year.

Jobs That Will Allow Me to Travel the World 11 Easiest and Best Paying Jobs of 2015


These jobs are ranked and averaged according to their annual salary, qualifications, and degree of ease. They are consolidated and curated from various websites, such as Salary and Business Insider. Each criterion is given a score, which is then totaled and used for ranking.

For the annual salary, the higher it is the higher the job’s score will be. The highest score a job can get is for this criterion is 40. For the qualifications, the less it requires the more points the job will be given. The most points a job can get for this is 20. Lastly, for the degree of ease, the easier the job is the higher the points will be and the maximum score for this is 40. Equal value is given to salary and ease as these are the two main factors influencing our choice.

To find out your next best career, here are the 11 easiest and best paying jobs of 2015.

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