10 Worst Human Rights Countries in 2020

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In today’s topic, we will discuss the worst human rights countries in 2020.

Protection against enslavement and right to education sound like a normal thing that every human being possesses, but it seems that even in the 21st century, the situation in some parts of the world is not that bright. Apart from these two, freedom of speech, right to a fair trial, protection of physical integrity (which now seem more familiar in terms of not being respected even in liberal countries) all belong to human rights. But of course, that is not the end of the list; there are many more socio-economic and political aspects that are defined as parts of human rights.

Worst Human Rights Countries in 2018


With no detailed insight into all of these important matters of human rights, we will rather see here some statistics made by people and institutions concerned for this issue. Nevertheless, on the similar matter as the subject of our current article, you might be interested in human rights violations by country ranking, which can be found in 18 worst countries violating human rights in 2017. And for current human right violations check out the 11 Worst Asian Countries for Human Rights Violation.

Now, we have seen that human rights are viewed through a specter of different aspects of human lives which depend on the socio-economical and political situation of the countries. For our research on human rights ranking by country, we have taken into account The Human Freedom Index for each country for 2019 as a result of research conducted by CATO Institute. This index was obtained by exploring and combining the results of multiple data regarding 79 different areas of human freedom including legal system and property rights, religion, access to sound money, regulation of credit, labor and business, expression and information, etc. The countries were ranked here from the best to worst. We have combined this data with rankings of political and civil freedom made by Freedom House. Here the ranking was made by country rating from 1 (best) to 7 (worst) as marked in our lists as freedom ranking.

These were our primary ranking system as well since they both had offered the most recent data. Then we have also gone through figures provided by Our World in Data on human rights protection. Here – the higher the value, the worse the human rights violation is (with max value 10). We have also provided the figures on our list just as an additional parameter. Even though this parameter would probably show as better for our discussion about the worst human rights countries in 2021, we didn’t choose it as a primary one since the data comes from the previous year. And surely for further info on countries, we have consulted human rights Watch World Report for 2020.

Having set the criteria, let’s check out which the worst human rights countries in 2020 are:

10. Algeria

Freedom ranking:  5.5

Human rights violation: 7.7

In Algeria, freedom of expression and assembly are being repressed more and more by the government with inevitable censorship of media.

Worst Human Rights Countries in 2018

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