11 Worst Asian Countries for Human Rights Violation

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What are the worst Asian countries for human rights violation?

Imprisonment under vague charges, torture in jails, executions for acts such as adultery, organized state’s violence against minorities, deadly attacks on civilians, denial of women’s rights, restricted freedom of expression… in one word, life under constant terror, that is everyday reality for many people in these  worst Asian countries for human rights violation that are listed below

While our previous list 11 worst countries for LGBT travelers presented places where LGBT community faces serious discrimination and abuses, the focus of today’s ranking is on a broad spectrum of human rights violations.

china, censorship, displeasure, violence, discontent, grief, freedom, forbidden, one, black, female, adults, korea, tied, outlawed, banned, woman, upset, doomed, terror,11 Worst Asian Countries for Human Rights Violation


In creating this list, we relied on CIRI Human Rights Data Project. Although latest available CIRI data are from 2011, we nevertheless decided to use them as a source since they give standards-based quantitative information about government respect of 15 internationally recognized human rights in 202 countries. Also, CIRI scores prove to be relevant today since almost nothing has changed in listed countries in the last couple of years. Still, it should be said that some countries, such as Syria, would have ranked higher if the list had been made for 2015. In addition, Iraq, the country which besides Syria bears the greatest burden of war against ISIS, is not on this list because it ranked as 14th according to CIRI scores for 2011.

Each of 11 worst Asian countries for human rights violation received a certain number of points depending on the extent of violation of a human right. For instance, if torture is widespread in penal institutions, CIRI gave the country score of 0. Countries in which there was occasional torture received a score of 1 while a score of 2 was reserved for places where torture was not present. Thus, lower number of overall points indicates a worse state of human rights. States that have the same number of points are ordered alphabetically. Besides country’s score, we also present main areas of human rights violation as identified by Human Rights Watch (HRW) report 2016.

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