10 Most Racist States Towards Muslims

Ever since 9/11 occurred, the US has been unable to forgive Muslims for the acts of a few, as evidenced by the list of most racist states towards Muslims.

For Muslims, living in the US is not an easy task at all. One of the reasons behind this is the fact that for Muslims, culture, and tradition play an important part in religion, and American culture is extremely different from what they are accustomed to. Hence, you will find many Muslims unable to assimilate, trying to hold on to their culture, even after spending decades in America. Personally, I disagree with such people. If you move to another country, I believe it is your duty to integrate into their culture instead of creating further issues.

However, that is never an excuse for violence. Unfortunately, you will be bound to find such incidents of discrimination towards Muslims in a country where the President himself is a racist, homophobic bigot who actively campaigned on the basis of discrimination and, won! Thus, it comes as little shock that hate crimes against Muslims rose significantly after Donald Trump was elected the President of the United States of America. America is supposed to be accepting of different cultures and identities. Some of its biggest cities have a large mix of people from different ethnicities and backgrounds. However, at the same time, mosques are being burned down, and Muslims are being killed for standing up for women, which begs the questions, why are things changing in this regard?

10 Most Racist States Towards Muslims


According to the FBI, the initial surge came after 9/11 which I mentioned earlier. However, it seemed that Americans were willing to move on, and the number of hate crimes reduced in 2002-2014. However, even then, these figures were much higher than the hate crimes committed pre-9/11. And this is just the official data. Even the US, which has established systems of reporting crimes, is guilty of severely understating crimes, especially when they are committed against minorities. Based on some studies, respondents have stated that they have been victims of such hate crimes but that they never reported them officially.

A major reason behind this is the spread of Islamophobia, which has gripped the country with a major role played by the alt-right movement. Due to the propaganda being spread, combined with the violent acts of a few, ( I know statistically there are tens of thousands of Muslims terrorists, but when you compare that with a population of 1.8 billion, it is but a drop in the ocean) Islam’s name has been tarnished on a national as well as global scale. In fact, if you want to learn more about the discrimination being faced by Muslims globally, head on over to the list of most racist Islamophobic  European countries towards Muslims. This fear of Muslims encourages hatred towards them, which in turn made it acceptable in the minds of the people to carry out their own brand of justice against innocent Muslims.

The only way to combat this is to spread the truth about Islam and acknowledge the fact that it needs to be modernized and enter the 21st century. If countries like Saudi Arabia, the self-professed caretakers of Islam carry out stoning of people for adultery and cut off hands for theft, the increasingly progressive West will never accept Islam. On the other hand, Muslims need to take strong steps to denounce the terrorist acts and distance themselves from the proponents of such acts.

We wanted to learn more about the most racist states towards Muslims, and if you want to learn more about overall racism on a deeper level, you should head on over to the list of most racist cities in America ranked by hate crimes. Or maybe you’re interested in the most racist states, for which I’d recommend the list of most racist states ranked by hate crimes. Unfortunately, despite the major presence of Islamophobia and the need to counter it and prevents its rise and influence from spreading, the government has shown little concern towards understanding this issue. In fact, statistics on discrimination and hate crimes are notoriously inaccurate, and most data gathers has been on a country-wide basis instead of state wise.  Despite the lack of data, whatever information has been gathered such as this Civil Rights Report 2017,  a disturbing increase in the number of hate crimes against Muslims is evident, what indicates extremely negative perceptions towards Muslims and Islam. Thus, we relied on this study commissioned by the California State University. Now, due to the limited means of gathering data, the study only focused on 20 states, and our list is based on these states. For our ranking, we considered the overall number of hate crimes against Muslims noted in each state, as well as the percentage increase from 2014. By using multiple criteria, we were able to cancel out the inherent bias generally present in any criteria, thus creating more accurate rankings.

Now, let’s see our list of most racist states towards Muslims. We are going to start with a least racist state.