10 Most Racist Cities in America Ranked by Hate Crimes

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Looking at this list of most racist cities in America ranked by hate crimes, one can agree that discrimination is still a major problem in the modern world. According to statistics, most of the hate crimes are based on discrimination of race or sexual orientation. The crimes vary from ones with a lesser extent such as vandalism and assault coupled to few occurrences of murder or attempted murder. There are even hate groups that still exist in almost all regions of the US though not as extreme as you expect as the notorious hate cults and organisations from the past.

most racist cities in America ranked by hate crimes


The most alarming, from the information gathered in statistics, is that the number is just a small reflection of the true number of hate crimes happening in the country. Some hate crimes are just not reported and some people may generally not be forthcoming with information regarding hate crimes. The cities listed here may not totally reflect the attitude of the state. As such, you should probably also check out our list of the 11 Most Racist States Ranked by Hate Crimes. Updating of databases and information is also a daunting task considering the size of the country, so the information listed here also takes into account crimes from 2-4 years ago.

The cities listed here are ranked based on the average reported racial hate crimes in the city per year. Take note that this may not reflect the actual number as many experts believe that the numbers are actually higher but reports stay relatively low. Let’s find out more as we go through the most racist cities in America ranked by hate crimes:

10. St Paul

Average Racial Hate Crimes Reported per Year: 24

The reason why some cities don’t report as much hate crimes is because the police force tends to be a little lenient for some encounters. They consider them as simple acts of misunderstanding and the police can’t just arrest anyone immediately. The strange thing about cities like St Paul is that all races seem to have participated in a hate crime in the past few years. Just being in the wrong racial neighborhood can prove dangerous.

Most Racist Cities in America Ranked by Hate Crimes

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