10 Most Popular Country Songs of All Time

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Here’s the best of the Wild West, in the list of the most popular country songs of all time! Country music definitely makes for a genre with a glorious history. It has seen many generations and changes in tastes and styles. But, through all those generations of country music, some songs have just stayed with us a little longer. Yes, those are the most popular hits ever!

Every party in the south is incomplete without these songs and every westerner must absolutely know the lyrics to these! But what originated as the music of Southern United States has today captured the hearts worlds over. Especially when the country pop came into play, all of us have been in love with the familiar twang in the guitar, the energetic banjo sounds and the friendly southern drawls. And, before we knew it, country music had taken over the world by storm.

Most Popular Country Songs of All Time


Since the times of the Carter Family and Jimmy Rodgers when country music first emerged as a genre, it has been quick to garner a following. Then the splurge of sub-genres, from bluegrass to country rock to the newer country pop, only fuelled its popularity to a greater extent. However with so many notable artists and sub genres, it only makes the job of estimating the most popular country songs of all time only so much more tough. So our list includes all those songs which are the most memorable of the chart busters ever under the broad family of country music fraternity. The ones that we love to sing along to at the karaoke, while shaking a leg with those shiny cowboy boots on! We have legends like Patsy Cline and popular pop artists like Taylor Swift in the list.

Also, check out our other list of the 10 Most Popular Songs of All Time, to discover the most loved songs across all genres. If you are new to country music, feel free to use this list your trainer wheels to discover the best in the genre. So what are you waiting for, grab those cowboy hats and dig in. Are you a country music lover? Check out if your favorites made the list!

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