10 Most Famous New York City Hotels Featured in Movies

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Do you know what the 10 most famous New York City hotels featured in movies are? If you don’t, then you are at the right place.

When the directors and the actors are joining their forces to create a unique and great movie, there are a lot of things they need to consider, especially the directors. For one movie scene to be great, directors mustn’t save money. On the contrary, they are paying a lot of money for one scene to come out great, and they are always searching for new, unexplored and beautiful locations for filming. While they are looking for the perfect spot to film a movie scene, often, they cross paths with luxurious and historic hotels. Among the most hotels that are being used for movies are hotels located in the New York City because they abound with luxury, glamor and their unusual design. When I think of hotel’s used in movies, the first thing that comes to mind is The Plaza Hotel in Home Alone 2. When I was a child, I dreamed about visiting The Plaza because of this movie. 

10 Most Famous New York City Hotels Featured In Movies

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In New York City, there are many great hotels with different styles which make them perfect for filming all different kinds of movie genres ranging from horror movies to romantic comedies. These hotels are pretty expensive, as some of their rates start from around $900 per night, but if you can afford to book one of their most luxurious suits, it could cost you up to $50,000. Now we don’t know how much the directors need to take from their budget to pay for filming in one of the most luxurious hotels not only in the Big Apple but the whole world as well, but, considering the prices per night, we can only imagine.

In addition to this, many old hotels in the world are still working successfully and because of their specific architecture and interior, are still one of the biggest tourist attractions. Most of the oldest hotels are renovated, but they kept their unique design. If you want to explore more on this topic, to find more about the historic hotels in the world, you can check our list of 20 Oldest Hotels in the World that Still Exist.

While creating our list of the most famous New York City hotels featured in movies, we used Class Curious, which covers all things New York City and a Google search as our main sources. In order to see what are the most famous hotels, we collected information from their database then used that to complete our list. We also researched how these hotels gained their popularity based on movies and how well they are known in the city. We used this information to roughly sort our list based on how popular each hotel is. 

If you plan to visit New York City soon, you will want to stop by and visit some of the hotels on our list of the most famous New York City hotels featured in movies.

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