10 Most Expensive Vodkas in the World

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Want to know the most expensive vodkas in the world? Vodka is a clear, odorless alcoholic spirit originally from Russia made of distilled water, wheat, rye, potatoes or corn, to some fruits. It is not a drink for beginners due to its high alcohol content. In Eastern and Northern Europe, it is enjoyed straight up while others love it in cocktails.

Are there any health benefits of Vodka? Vodka helps you lose weight because it is carbohydrate-free. If you have Vodka in moderate amounts, it reduces stress and will not give you hangover as well. There is also a medicinal benefit of Vodka. It is mixed to make a solution or extract from medicinal plants and herbs to be used as mild anesthetic or cure indigestion, stomach cramps and even fertility. Other benefits of Vodka are reduced risks of stroke and Alzheimer.



You think Vodka is just for casual drinking? Well, it’s also a house cleaner. It kills molds and fungus in your bathroom, cleans glasses and your eyeglass. Vodka can also be used as the astringent to clean your skin and tighten your pores as well as cleanses your scalp, treat dandruff and stimulates hair growth. It dissolves adhesive, repels insects and can be used to cure rashes or poison ivy, toothaches, earache, and foot odor.

There are some interesting facts you never knew about Vodka. It is one of the purest alcoholic drinks in the world because it is carbon filtered. Vodka cannot be stored for a longer time and must be consumed within a year from its manufacturing date. In the 15th century, Vodka was used to make gunpowder in Sweden. Some historical accounts said that Vodka originated in Poland and was used as an aftershave.

Nowadays, Vodka is considered to be one of the extreme and demanding liquors. It is beginning to earn a reputation for being one of the most expensive liquor in the world due to its lavish and magnificent packaging embellished with precious and semi-precious stones. Vodka has varying flavors that are available worldwide like different fruit flavors, chocolate, vanilla, cinnamon, ginger and red pepper.

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We have brought together a list containing the 10 most expensive Vodkas in the world according to their latest price tags. So these expensive, first class thirst-quenchers better give its worth. Let’s check these out:

10. Belvedere Vodka

Cost: $800 per Bottle
The silver sequined bottle decorated by bow-tie was created by Italian designer Roc Sine Labe Do intended for the Cannes Film Festival in 2011.


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