The 11 Biggest Fertilizer Companies in the World

We look at the biggest suppliers of the agricultural industry with this list of the 11 biggest fertilizer companies in the world. Most of us may not know that fertilizer is one of the key factors in maintaining the quality and quantity of our crops. The improvements and advancements of fertilizers have meant faster and more productive yields. It also made way for better quality crops. There has been a lot of research done to make sure that these fertilizers provide the best nutrients for the soil and especially the plants it feeds.

Due to these high-quality fertilizers, we can provide more than enough food for the demand of the entire world. It has also made it possible for crops to be imported and exported at the right time. Since agriculture is responsible for a lot of the food we eat today, you can say that even fertilizer has a significant effect on the 11 Biggest Food Companies in the World. When it comes to food and avoiding hunger, every part is crucial. You’ll find that these fertilizer companies listed here are some of the world’s biggest suppliers in terms of how much they send off and also how big their company is physically.

Interestingly, a lot of these fertilizer companies are found all over the world. There is no country monopolizing the fertilizer industry. There are, of course, some bigger than others. Let’s find out who these companies are as we start this list:


SAFCO or Saudi Arabia Fertilizer Company is the first company in Saudi Arabia to go into the petrochemical business. The company is both owned by the government and private investors. They produce and market fertilizers for different parts of the world and are considered as one of the financially leading fertilizer companies.