5 Best Boarding Schools in Connecticut

Are you aware of the 5 best boarding schools in Connecticut? As early as now, we’ll help you figure out where to get the best education in your area. You, yes you, if you’re a parent, you know too well your responsibilities when it comes to sending your kids to a great school. Choosing a school is quite difficult, we agree. Their knowledge and future are at stake. You don’t have to gamble hard to win the best learning institution for your child. Today, we will be showing you the best boarding schools in Connecticut. We included the location and the tuition fees of each boarding schools to serve as a ‘cheat sheet’ for you.



Knowledge is the best gift we can give to children. We featured the schools who accept students in grades 9th to 12th. We believe that this is the age bracket where young adults are curious about many things. That’s why by enrolling them in the best boarding school in town, you are surrounding them with good influences and a sustainable environment where they can discover many things just by being curious.

Just before we give to you the 5 best boarding schools in Connecticut, we would like to share with you, the previous post about the 7 best boarding schools in America. Feel free to bookmark that page for your future reference.

Now, let’s move on to the best boarding schools in Connecticut!

5. The Loomis Chaffee School

Location: Windsor, Connecticut
The 300-acre Loomis Chaffee School serves as a warm secondary home to 650 students. It houses 12 dormitories. The reason why it’s one of the best boarding schools in Connecticut is that their faculty members have advanced degrees, either Masters or Ph.D. The tuition fee for boarding students is $53,750. Yes, it’s more than the average tuition fees of most boarding schools. Yet, The Loomis Chafee School has adopted New England learning scheme. The school offers not only a world-class academic scheme but activities that will prepare your child for college. They have special programs and seminars for each grade. Thus, your child is entitled to receive certifications in global studies.