The 9 Best Selling Smartphones in Australia

Let’s look at the mobile trends in Australia with this list of the 9 best selling smartphones in Australia. Smartphones are what you may call an evolution of the mobile phone. From the simple messaging and calling features of the past, these new mobile phones or smartphones have integrated a lot of other new technologies and modern features. The things you can do with your phone are now increasing. Mobile phones now act like computers with features emulating computer tasks. They also have cameras, the ability to connect to the internet and a lot of other things.

These best-selling smartphones are definitely not only limited to Australia. These smartphones as you may notice have a global reach and popularity. You may even find some listed in The 10 Top Selling Smartphones in the World 2014. This list however takes to account the current year of 2015 which has had its share of new releases and new trends.Smartphones companies are always looking for ways to get ahead of their competition, whether by exclusive feature, technology or by cheaper prices and package deals. Smartphones have indeed become a normal part of life. Can you imagine the world without these phones?

Many express concern over the negative effects that these smartphones may have and the subtle addiction that it may bring to its user. Many, of course, believe that it just takes a good amount of understanding and control to fully enjoy these devices without all the negative side effects. What smartphones do you think are included in this list? Let’s find out:

9. Google Nexus 5

Google has been famous in the smartphone realm being the creator of the Android operating system. The company has been branching out to different sectors of technology and smartphones are no exception. The Nexus series of phones is Google’s partnership with LG in order to create a smartphone with their brand. It’s known to be quite affordable and quite a powerful device.