10 Most Expensive Island Purchases In the World

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Haven’t we all dreamt of living on a private island at some point, and then there are the people who are actually living the dream by making the most expensive island purchases in the world! While most of us are saving for that apartment, some of the multi-billionaires of the world are vying for undeveloped islands as their means of a getaway from the civilization to get themselves some ‘me’ time. And, they are ready to spend millions for the lands they are eyeing.

Yes, not surprisingly these mini paradises come with astounding price tags of hundreds of million dollars attached to them. Lanai Islands in Hawaii, for instance, sold off the market for nearly $600 million. And, the shippers list, of course, includes well-known elites and celebrities like Mel Gibson, Shakira and Leonardo Di Caprio. Most of them are looking for secluded and undeveloped islands which offer them the privacy along with the great views. After all who wouldn’t want to spend their days under the clear blue skies, surrounded by crystal-clear waters and stretches of pure white beaches? Doesn’t that make for the ultimate fantasy?

However, when we say ‘undeveloped island’, we aren’t necessarily making a reference to ‘Lost’. A lot of these islands would get you far away from the hustle, but still keep you connected to technology. While some might just be a boat’s ride away from an energetic tourist spot or a full-fledged town with hospitals and restaurants! Some of them also have already built world class amenities like swimming pools, jogging tracks, clubhouses and water sport facilities No wonder the ultra rich are flocking to build their luxury homes here!


So if purchasing an island has always been on your dream-list, here’s a list of the 10 Countries with the Most Islands in the World where you can start out by looking for something that suits your requirements. And, if you are one of those who like to dream really big, look through our list of most expensive island purchases in the world, to take your pick. Some of them might be up for sale!

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