10 Most Expensive Hermes Products in 2017

These most expensive Hermes products in 2017 will introduce you with a whole new world of luxury.

Hermes. We could say there are two types of people. Those who pronounce it “er-mez” dreaming about the Birkin and have already read our list of the Most Expensive Coach Purses in the Market, and others saying “her-mez” and having an image of Greek messenger god on their mind. Of course, the latter are far less numerous. Today the name Hermes is a synonym for luxury and exorbitant bags and scarves. Such a world renowned company is still run by the family, and we asked Forbes and Portero for some historical facts. Surely nowadays everyone associates the name with the bags and scarves, but did you know that the original Hermes craftsmanship was used for making horse saddles and equestrian accessories? The very first shop was opened in 1837 by Thierry Hermes in Paris and have come a long way since then. Quality and artistry are the keys to their original success.  When you start making goods for the elite, it is all about the prestige. The quality remains impeccable and no one can argue the production standards since most products are handmade. Hermes claims most of the precious items are made in France while using the most high quality and exclusive materials.



Apart from the quality standards, there is the brand value. Let us just say people are asking if their orange boxes are for sale, too. The orange boxes which the products are stored into for protection. This is actually one of the FAQs on their website, and they kindly respond it is not possible. What else is there to say about the brand if even its simple cardboard containers are the object of envy? Hermes is one of the most successful fashion companies in the world, and one of the few whose income is rapidly increasing every year. While the others struggle to remain at the top, Hermes’ originality, mystery and excellent management keep pushing it forward.

So what exactly is stored in those orange boxes? A wide variety of products. Hermes can still offer horse saddles and harnesses along with bags, jewelry, watches and even home valets and bicycles. The home valet would cost you $19,700 and it is made in typical Hermes nuances for furniture, with details made of ebony. The leather used for this item is sikkim calfskin. For knowledgeable fashion experts this says enough. If you are not in the know, that is one of the softest leathers on the market. Now that we started talking about the prices, let us explain to you how we constructed our list of the most costly Hermes products this year. CNBC provided the latest info about the most expensive Hermes item sold in 2017, and for the rest we went to the Hermes official website and roamed through different items comparing prices. Not an easy task, mind you. As we had previously explained, the French company has expanded its production in many fields. The categories chosen should make up for a gripping read for we too strive on originality and always try to present you with lists that have information you won’t find elsewhere. Therefore, no scarves on this list. Seriously. Even though a scarf is more expensive than, let’s say, a pair of baby’s shoes, we decided to pick genuine categories (for the sake of our readers’ attention and curiosity) and find the one with the most astonishing price tag in its category.

With that being said, here is our list of the most expensive Hermes products in 2017 (please keep in mind that the images shown throughout the text do not correspond to the actual Hermes products on our list, but only serve an illustrative purpose).