10 Most Expensive Coach Purses in the Market

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The 10 most expensive coach purses in the market exemplify a life of luxury where money is an afterthought instead of our focus.

Luxury brands were created for one purpose; to cater to the wants of the rich and successful, to fill a gap in the market where products are a rarity and each once can cost a small fortune. Be it Ferrari or Porsche in the car department, Rolex or Rado in the watches department or Hermes or Coach in the handbags department, these brands exist to provide not just a product, but an exclusive experience.

Created in 1941, Coach has had to compete with some of the top brands in the world of the luxury handbags, which include Louis Vitton and its Neverfull handbag, Hermes and its famous hot pink crocodile Hermes Birkin bag and Chanel and the Medallion Tote.

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It is not surprising in a world full of luxuries that an item created to serve an ordinary purpose is now often used to denote the worth or the status of a person. To serve this very purpose, Coach has over the years launched some special handbags with a price tag that would turn away all but the most dedicated. These handbags are the ultimate symbol of opulence.

However, we only decided to include the purses or handbags which are available right now on the market. These Coach handbags don’t hold a candle to the most expensive handbags in the world, which you can find at, surprise surprise, the 10 Most Expensive Designer Handbags in the world, which include the hot pink crocodile Hermes Birkin bag. The bags in this list cost hundreds of thousands of dollars with some even exceeding a million dollars. Imagine spending a million dollars on a handbag when you could spend it on literally anything else!

The handbags in the list of 10 most expensive coach purses in the market pale in comparison, though even these are only bought by the much maligned, almost infamous 1% of the elite. To determine this list, we combed through articles which mentioned the priciest Coach purses. We then cross referenced the purses found with both Amazon and the official website of Coach to determine if these were still available for sale, and voilà!

10. Coach Mickey Mouse Saddle Bag

Price of purse: $888

One of the very rare half decent looking purses on this list, the combination of red and black may seem attractive to some, while others may prefer the combination of green with their brown wallet.

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