Top 10 Mineral and Bottled Water Brands in India

Let us start off by saying that if you think our list of top 10 mineral and bottled water brands in India is going to end up with Bisleri at its top, you couldn’t be more wrong. Do you want to know why? Well, in that case, you’d better keep on reading.

Those of you who are familiar with the mentioned brand already possess some knowledge of the water situation in India. As for the rest, we are going to introduce you to this rather curious topic. As it is widely known, human beings are absolutely dependent on water. It makes up for 70% of our body and it is recommended that our daily intake is around 2 liters, depending on what we do. You can only imagine what great need for it there is in India as one of the most populous countries in the world.  Fine Waters says the water market growth rate is 55% per year. The secret to this high demand lies in the fact that this country generally has a huge problem with drinking water. There are a lot of springs and wells that aren’t deep enough, for instance. Not only that, but we learn from firsthand experience at FullStopIndia that one should be very careful even when buying or being served bottled water. There is more than enough room for deceptions.  Water market exploded in the nineties and has been expanding ever since. There are around 200 brands on the market, and around 80% are domestic. One might say the competition is fierce. The latest news from Daily Pakistan will certainly bring changes to the market since 11 brands were declared unsafe for drinking. It should be noted that India has an institution for checking water quality, but not all waters are internationally recognized as being safe to drink, so that was one of the reasons for a higher position on our list. Speaking of international waters, you might want to check out our Best Selling Alkaline Bottled Water Brands In America.

Top 10 Mineral and Bottled Water Brands in India

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If you have already dealt with the topic of Indian water, you have noticed the articles have mainly focused only on the popularity of the brand. However, in our definition of a “top brand” we are going to present you with a genuine list that values quality first, and popularity next when it comes to grading brands. The research took off with reports on the water market from Slideshare while for purity we consulted with MostInside on what procedures the waters are undergoing. As well as that, we inquired NSF, ISSU, DSGroupFranchise India, ScoopWhoop, Tata Global to do a more in-depth search of the waters’ features and purity.

 To summarize, we defined the best brand to be one of the highest quality, preferably with international certificates, while being a well-known one with a nice share on the market is less significant. However, in cases when the beverages had the same certificates, i.e. the standard one issued by the Indian state, we listed them according to the consumers’ trust and their presence on the market.

Without further ado, let us see which ones made it into our top 10 mineral and bottled water brands in India.