10 Most Competitive Medical Fellowships in America

Hopefully, Match Day will be your lucky day after you finish reading our list of 10 most competitive medical fellowships in America.

Match Day is when your future becomes revealed. It sounds almost like a prophet, but for those of you who are unaware, Match Day is when National Resident Matching Program or NRMP publishes the results for applicants seeking residency and fellowship. The next one is due on 16 March 2018. Before you start getting anxious about the whole process, let’s start from the scratch.

First, before every fellowship, there comes internship. Which medical residencies are the most competitive? You’ll find out in our article on 10 Most Competitive Residency Programs in US. If you are afraid of too much competition and you’re not quite sure which one to go for, check out 10 Easiest Fellowships and Scholarships to Get in 2017 and breathe a sigh of relief.

10 Most Competitive Medical Fellowships in America


However, you probably opened this article because you are an ambitious high flyer and you wish to know which fellowships are hardest to get into. Your mind must be filled with all kinds of questions about your future career. For example: what fellowships are available after internal medicine? Well, the internal medicine fellowships list is rather extensive. There are 18 of them, as told by UW Medicine: rheumatology, pulmonology, endocrinology, oncology, nephrology and so on. How many years is nephrology fellowship, you may ask? The answer is 2 years. What are internal medicine fellowships salaries? It depends. Indeed says the average salary for “general internal medicine fellowship” can range from around $67,934 per year for Cardiology Physician to $199,934 per year for Internal Medicine Physician. Think hard about your choices. The latter could easily ensure you have the best internal medicine subspecialty lifestyle. Despite the minimum of your free time, money surely can help in having some quality time off.

OK, future fellows, before you get down to analyzing our list and revealing if we have any most competitive internal medicine fellowships on it, let us explain how we collected the data and arranged it. Firstly, we went to Med Students to see which competitive programs are most difficult to match, i.e., for you to enroll. Spoiler alert. Hematology and oncology fellowships are competitive, but not that much. Then we decided to explore how much you will be earning after completing that long and grueling process. Naturally, after all that hard work that you have put into, you would wish for it to pay off properly. Most lucrative professions are the most desirable and competitive, aren’t they? That’s why we went to Medscape to find out the average annual salaries for each of the most competitive fellowships. For a few specialties that weren’t enlisted there, we consulted with Salary website. Finally, they were ranged from the lowest to the highest median annual salary. Also, we sometimes included into our list very useful information on how much the earnings have increased compared to the previous year. It’s always good to follow the trends, isn’t it?

In addition to that, in case you have just started med school, but you are already weighing your options, we are telling you how many years you’ll have to invest into the opportunity of your choice (both internship and fellowship).

How competitive are medical specialties? To say very much would be an understatement. That’s why you should read about 10 most competitive medical fellowships in America right now and make your decision. The time is running out and the Match Day is just around the corner.