10 Easiest Fellowships and Scholarships To Get in 2017

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If you’re going to college, then you need our 10 easiest fellowships and scholarships to get in 2017.  These scholarships are so important to making college an accessible and affordable experience. So often college choices are dependent on being able to afford the costs of either the tuition, books, fees, or even just the cost of living while attending classes. We also can’t forget the cost of transportation to and from the university–whether you are in a dorm and need to fly home for the holidays or you are commuting by bus across town–that cost must be accounted for as well.

Kids who are planning to go to college must start saving early. Their parents often start savings accounts or use other methods of saving what they can for their child’s higher education–but it’s difficult. Even in-state tuition at public colleges is far more than the average family can afford on their own. Everyone needs help. Some of the top schools in the country–most of the Ivy League colleges–have begun offering 100% financial aid to families making less than certain amounts per year. These numbers range from 60-100k.

As you apply to college you should absolutely be searching the financial aid sections of each school’s website. If something doesn’t make sense to you then call or email them. They are they to help prospective students–that’s you. You can also fill out your FAFSA in fall or your senior year in order to find out what federal loan programs for which you may be eligible.

Education is a major part of our life. It should be open to all who pursue it. There should not be obstacles like cost standing in the way of your academic success. Many people do not know where to begin when it comes to researching scholarships and fellowships. So we are here to help. In addition to seeking out aid from specific colleges and the federal and state governments–there are also other sources to which you can apply.

I remember my own experience applying to colleges and hoping to get in. There was also the additional burden of worrying about how to pay for school. I was lucky to have parents who supported me in taking out loans. I was also lucky enough to play a sport, making me a desirable candidate who was offered different athletic scholarships and loans. However, they did not cover all of my expenses and I needed to work throughout college. It helped me to appreciate the true value of what I was gaining in my education. It also helped me understand how important scheduling and time management truly are–but if you can use scholarships or fellowships to relieve some of your financial burden then it is truly wise to do so.

Is there any way to continue studying if we can’t afford it? Gladly, there is. We have organizations that give scholarships or those fellowships that grant a certain amount of money. Careeronestop has a scholarship finder where you can choose a scholarship or fellowship that suits you. Here is where we found the 10 easiest fellowships and scholarships to get in 2017.

In order for you to be granted these programs, you must comply with the requirements. Those will be listed within the description, in addition to the amount of the fund. An example of a requirement is having to write an essay in response to the question they posted or sending in your transcripts. There are some that you just need to fill in an application.

Here at US Department of Education, you can also find additional information on grants awarded and how to find the type of scholarship that would be best for you. Just like in US, scholarships are also present in the UK. You can get an idea of it here at our 6 Boarding Schools in Europe that Offer Scholarships. With resourcefulness, we can always find a way to pursue our dreams towards the career path we choose. For our methodology, we used a ratio of the amount offered by the scholarship to the likelihood of getting it. For example, if a scholarship offers $10,000 and there is 1% of probability of getting it, and it requires 10 hours work, then our metric, in this case, is $10,000* 0.01/10 = 10. Then we ranked them by this result.

Let us now see our list of 10 easiest fellowships and scholarships to get in 2017.

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