10 Most Common Reasons for Suicide in America

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Be aware of the signs as we inform you about these 10 most common reasons for suicide in America. Suicide remains a taboo and a problem for most countries in the world today. You can’t really blame people who feel suicidal because in their perspective, they have lost all hope. They feel that they cannot escape their current situation and have a very strong feeling of depression. Suicide often comes as a result of numerous compounding factors. Often times it is a lot of negative experiences and a lack of value that mix together to form a sense of worthlessness.

No matter what you say or believe, a payment of one’s own life is never truly the answer but only escape. In fact, one’s death would just mean more sorrow for friends and loved ones. A key to having a healthy life remains in how much you value yourself and your experiences regardless of what’s going on around you. America seems to remain as one of the countries that have suicide as one of its main problems. You’ll find the country among others in this list of 10 Countries with the Highest Suicide Rates. Your awareness of these key reasons may save a life one day.

It’s hard to accurately rank reasons for suicide as it tends to be a taboo subject even in today’s society. A lot of people can only speculate as attempted suicide cases rarely talk openly about the causes for their actions. Regardless, these are the most common reasons found in studies. Let’s find out more as we check out these 10 most common reasons for suicide in America.

10. War

Despite how war is depicted in other platforms like video games and movies, war is no joke and it indeed changes you. A lot of war veterans testify to sleepless nights, hallucinations of dead people, difficulty in coping with the physical and mental trauma of war scenarios, and adjusting back to normal life. There are some people that are driven crazy by this and some commit suicide.

Most Common Reasons for Suicide in America


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