10 Military Boarding High Schools for Troubled Youth

 These 10 military boarding high schools for troubled youth will provide you with a list of institutions which are highly recommended when it comes to teenage issues.

Teenage years are a period so specific even the English language marked all those numbers with “teen” in their ending. Hormones are raging, and so are their owners. In these gentle years children undergo transformations on different levels; some become shy, others extrovert, unfocused, or rebellious. There is no reliable way of predicting what this period will bring. As hard it is for the teenagers, it is even worse for the parents responsible for them. Taking care of a teenager can be a real handful at times. Surely parenthood is the most rewarding and an absolutely wonderful duty. However, on some occasions it is difficult to make the right choice for your family. Problems youth encounter nowadays are various and they range from innate ones, such as dyslexia, to the behavioral problems reflecting in drug and alcohol abuse, smoking, suicidal tendencies and so on.

10 Military Boarding High Schools for Troubled Youth


In order to tackle these hazards, different approaches have appeared. Sometimes so much trouble piles up it is hard for parents to cope on their own. Having used up all of their arguments, advice and tactics, they turn to professionals. The professionals come from various fields and with various solutions. Some parents turn to psychologists, counselors, therapists… There are also various boot camps focusing on the physical and mental well-being of their attendants, and even special therapeutic boarding schools situated in nature. Out of all of these choices, the one that is usually used as a threat in parent-teenager arguments and the one most parents approve of are military boarding schools.

Due to their appearance and strict discipline, many people might have some prejudice over these institutions. They are sometimes mocked, underestimated and observed only as places with rigid rules where children will be taught to obey orders and be focused mainly on physical activities, while the intellect is neglected. As usual, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Despite the uniforms and military discipline, what all these schools take pride in are numerous successful college applicants. Military boarding schools are actually an excellent preparation for universities. What is more, there is a huge number of them which boasts about the fact that 100% of their ambitious students enrolled a college. Therefore, there is more than meets the eye with military boarding schools. If all this sounds appealing, look at our 11 Best Military High Schools: 4 are Free article.

Apart from excellent learning opportunities, the schools we have picked for you are famous for their successful solving of teenage issues. We visited  LoveToKnow, OurKids, MilitarySchoolUSA and HelpYourTeenNow with advice on most suitable schools. In our search for the best options we explored websites of Robert Land Academy, Camden Military, and MilitarySchool. Basically, we compared different schools to find which ones put their focus on helping troubled teenagers. A number of schools named discipline and character shaping as their main aim. Others pointed out they nurture Christian qualities above all, which also meant they are dedicated to building a moral and responsible individual. If the mention of religion puts you off, there are schools which are clearly focused on teaching children with learning disabilities.

To summarize, our list of military boarding high schools for troubled youth will present you with schools which have successfully dealt with youth issues, helped teenagers grow up and prepared them for a college of their own choice (not strictly a military one). The list is given in no particular order. It is up to you to decide which features are most appealing to you: the school’s location, commitment to religion, cooperation with universities or student-teacher ratio. Admittedly, most of the academies are meant for boys, but we also found the best of the coed schools, too.