10 Highest Paying Most Promising Medical Specialties of The Future

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Deep down, you know that you want to become a doctor but you’re wondering – which ones are the highest paying most promising medical specialties of the future? Don’t look anywhere else because we are about to unveil the best medical specialties of the future. You will then just have to choose the most promising one for yourself or one of the highest paid medical specialties of the future.

Let’s not pretend it is not happening because it is, right in front of our eyes: our lives are changing with technology. And the many discoveries that keep happening almost every month will keep changing the way we do things, work and live our lives. One of the biggest impacts of technology changes may be on healthcare and how we are treated in the future. It’s not even in the future, it is already happening. Artificial intelligence, robots able to clean a room of all their germs better than humans, 3D-imaging, Nano-robots…. are all parts of a movement that is already shaping the way doctors treat us. Technology can be worrying but it also brings interesting changes to our lives, particularly where healthcare is concerned.

10 Highest Paying Most Promising Medical Specialties Of The Future


Technology, for all its wonders, will never be able to completely replace humans nor doctors. However, with the latest evolution, and no doubt, the many to come over the years, some healthcare specialties will gain in prominence.

Those specialties will be most in demand, but who will be the most needed doctors in the future?

To put this list together, we mused on forums like Reddit, and websites like VenturBeat  and Medical Futurist talking about the subject. We also looked at the research about Healthcare jobs in the future, and Projections for the Fastest Growing Occupations, provided to us by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). We particularly looked at the projected job growth for the period 2014-2024, as calculated by the BLS. We then compared those numbers with the projected median earning – again, using the BLS’ numbers – and put together a list which considers the most promising healthcare specialties and their projected earnings.

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Are you ready to learn more about how technology and healthcare that will get entwined even more in the future and help us care about our health in ways we couldn’t possibly imagine even 20 years ago? Then, read on our list of highest paying most promising medical specialties of the future.

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