6 Free Coding Websites For Kids

If you want your child to start thinking in the direction of the computer science, you are in the right place because here we will show you which are the 6 free coding websites for kids and why your child needs to start expanding this knowledge.

Back in the day, the world required different knowledge and skills. The world needed soldiers, watchmakers, cashiers, postal workers, but today, the world is in a great need of computer programmers, and it is still developing in that direction. Today knowing how to code is the fundamental skill and if you want your child to have a great education and job in the future, to have everything they need, in a world where everything is programmed, isn’t learning computer science the best way to achieve that?

The last couple of years there has been a buzz about children learning to code and more than 90% of the American parents want programming to be added to their child’s curriculum.

6 Free Coding Websites For Kids

There are a lot of benefits and learning to code could have a huge influence on your child’s life. This is the main reason why we compiled a list of free coding websites for kids to learn the basics. Coding is driving innovation and it is revolutionizing every aspect of our lives and it allows children to be creative and build their confidence. Doesn’t it feel good when you create something on your own for which you are proud and you show it to your family and friends? It is the exact same thing with programming. Starting to code at an earlier age will be the best because it will absorb all the concepts deeply and it translates to success in other areas such as math, reading, and science.

In a digital world, this knowledge and skill will allow your child to find a highly paid job easier and it can adjust to the innovations quicker and easier. How many times a day you wonder why can’t you use your smartphone and today’s technology and why you didn’t learn it sooner? If you want to start learning the basics you can also install some of the 8 apps for teaching children coding skills.

Since programming is very important skill and knowledge in the world we live in, we decided to create a list of 6 free coding websites for kids. In order to create our list, we used Mommy Poppins, Interesting Engineering, Code Wizards, and Edudemic as our sources to see what are the free coding websites for children. After we collected the information from our sources, we ranked the websites by the number of mentions we’ve found.