11 Richest Doctors in The World

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Grab your medicine bag filled with cash because we have the richest doctors in the world. Sure, all doctors are pretty much rich. It’s not like there are many doctors walking around deciding whether to pay the light bill or the phone bill. Not that anyone I know has ever done that… I just saw it on an episode of Roseanne. I mean, don’t get me wrong I am totally broke; I just don’t pay for lights.

So, back to people who DON’T have to worry about money every day of their lives: doctors. Sure, they’ll tell you they have enormous loans from medical school–and maybe they do. But I have enormous loans too, and I make I think it’s technically called an “enth” of what they make–it’s actually too small an amount to record an actual digit.

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So, most doctors are rich–but who are the richest? Well, we have the list for you. You may also be interested in the 16 Best Paying Medical Specialties in America. 

Well, for our list today, we had pretty straightforward criteria to follow. To be eligible for our list, they must be medical doctors, and for the rankings we must consider their net worth. Higher the net worth of an individual, the higher they will be placed on our list. Our top 6 entries come straight from the Forbes‘ list of billionaires of the world, as the top 5 doctors have a net-worth of over a billion dollars. The rest 6 whose worth is less than a billion dollars were picked from Celebritynetworth. Without further ado, let’s get started on the 11 richest doctors in the world.

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