10 Highest Paying Countries for Lawyers

The 10 highest paying countries for lawyers surely appreciate the importance of a sound justice system, of which lawyers are the foundation.

Lawyers have suffered a much-maligned reputation through the years, with the general consensus being that lawyers will do anything for money, even if that violates its ethics. Furthermore, a general impression about lawyers lies in the belief that they are egomaniacs who consider themselves above everyone else.

Of course, all these beliefs are just unfounded myths, which have mainly endured because legal battles are both emotionally and financially exhausting. And since every legal situation has a winner and a loser, the loser will be further embittered by the process and everyone involved with it. Furthermore, lawyers see the ugly side of the world much more than most other professionals. This, in turn, results in a certain level of cynicism, which is sometimes reflected in their personalities. The truth is, a certain level of detachment is required in this profession in order to be objective and perform their duties to the best of their capabilities.

10 Highest Paying Countries for Lawyers

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In reality, lawyers are, as mentioned earlier, an integral part of the justice system and hence, the society. They are the upholders of justice, and often, the only people responsible for ensuring that a person receives a fair trial, which is a basic human right.

To be a lawyer, pure intelligence is never enough. In order to convince the judge, jury and even the general public on occasions, lawyers need to possess a charming and engaging personality, and the ability to convey important points to the judge and jury. A lawyer with intelligence above average, but with poor communication skills will never be able to achieve much success in this field.

Due to the aforementioned qualities required for one to become a successful lawyer, only a few are able to reach the top. However, those who do manage to do so earn handsome salaries, precisely because of the fact that the demand is much higher than the supply. Lawyers have a myriad of opportunities in the field; they can go into private practice, become prosecutors, defense lawyers, corporate lawyers and so much more. They can further specialize as well in legal areas such as contracts, torts, trademarks and patents among many other options. After a certain degree of expertise and experience, lawyers can even open up their firms, which can be very lucrative indeed.

We’ve based our list of highest paying countries for lawyers on the Global Salary Survey for 2015, which includes some of the most influential countries in the world and the salaries paid for various jobs in the field of law, in their national currencies. As we’ve established before, there are several jobs which are available to lawyers. In order to establish an objective ranking, we have considered the same or similar jobs available in each country. Furthermore, we have used the current exchange rates to convert the salary to a uniform currency, which in this case is the US dollar. We’ve considered the range of wages available for the job and then calculated the average wage, which formed the basis of our ranking. In case where multiple cities  were presented for a country, we chose the highest paying city as that was most suited to our purpose. If you want more information regarding the highest paying cities for lawyers, you can visit the 10 Highest Paying Cities for Lawyers.

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