10 Highest Paying Countries for Chefs

Being a chef, you must have wondered which are the 10 highest paying countries for chefs in the world.

Everybody around you is enjoying your specialties? Friends and customers say your skills are superb, and you feel pretty self-satisfied yourself. But every once in a while when the going gets tough, it crosses your mind whether you could be earning more in another restaurant, or, say, in another country perhaps? Well, in that case, we may just have the answer for you.

To find the 10 highest paying countries for chefs we have started with the Business Insider‘s list of the richest countries in the world, i.e. with the highest GDP per capita. That seemed a good start since the income is bound to be high and considering the fact that all of them are highly developed countries, the costs of living are approximately the same. Also, we bore in mind that some prospective employees have different goals, such as permanent living or just working in a country until you feel you’ve earned enough to fulfill another ambition. Therefore, we focused on the hard cash in US dollars as our main criterion and your motive.

10 Highest Paying Countries for Chefs


In order to provide you with the best possible answer we have researched the wealthiest and most popular countries for chefs. The data we collected comes from various websites since at the moment there isn’t a unique website providing information about the salaries for all occupations in all the richest countries, so we conducted thorough research via Salary,  Glassdoor   Salary Expert,  Payscale  and Lohncomputer. The information provided is either official data for the country, or it comes first-hand from people who are already in the profession and their reports. We kept our investigation meticulous, as always.

Before we take you on your trip around the world, let us clear the air by defining your profession. Above all, in this article the term “chef” means an executive chef, a.k.a. the boss. Chef de cuisine is responsible for hiring and supervising other cooks as well as preparing luscious meals. The countries were chosen according to the executive chef average salary, not the highest one possible a single person may earn in a year (e.g. in luxurious hotels, since that solely deserves another article). If you have such ambitions, perhaps it would be advisable to check out Jamie Oliver’s career in 4 Business Strategies that Turned Jamie Oliver into the World’s Richest Chef and find out how to become the richest chef in the world by doing other things apart from cooking and management. Now, if you wish to find out how much a CEO of the kitchen may earn in a year, feel free to continue reading 10 highest paying countries for chefs.