10 Free Medical Training Programs in NYC

If you’re interested in medicine, but on a budget, you’ll love this list of 10 free medical training programs in NYC.

While I don’t really have any medical experience or even a brain for science and math, I have a lot of respect for those in the medical field. It takes a lot of long hours, sleepless nights, and pouring over books, to make it in the field. While it can be mentally and physically draining, it can be even more draining on your pockets depending on how long you’ll need to be in school. Here in New York City, there are a number of medical programs to choose from if you’re like me and like the fast-paced, city life. However, just living and working in this city can be extremely expensive, and adding medical school tuition on top of the mountain of expenses you’ll have in the city can seem impossible. But have no fear, luckily the big city has a lot to offer when it comes to learning, as is the example with these 25 free classes in NYC for adults. Aside from these classes, there’s also a number of medical training programs that can get you on the right track for your medical career.

10 Free Medical Training Programs in NYC


According to Investopedia, New York state is ranked at number three when it comes to the largest economies in the United States, and the majority of employees in the state are hired in healthcare-related fields. So there are benefits from getting educated in the state as there are a lot of opportunities in the field. The Department of Labor of New York State says the average employment in hospitals in 2016 was about 160,000 people. They also say the average salaries in these hospitals was around $80,000. So clearly, the opportunities are abundant if you have the right education and certifications. But not everyone can put up the money required for these programs. According to Thought Co., medical school tuition averages around $35,000 a year. Multiply that by the number of years required, and you could buy a home. We decided to come up with our own list of free medical training programs around the city to hopefully save you a few dollars and headaches.

To come up with our list of free medical training programs in NYC we used sources such as the New York Public Library,the New York Times, and Startclass to browse through all the medical courses offered by NYC and the colleges in the city. The list has no particular order or ranking because each program has a different focus and there’s no way to compare and rank them.

Without further ado let’s take a look at 10 free medical training programs in NYC.